BEYOND THE RIFT is a “strong collection of short fiction that shows the author’s versatility”


At SF Signal, Paul Weimer reviews the Peter Watts collection Beyond the Rift.

A strong collection of short fiction that shows the author’s versatility and range at shorter lengths. (”The Things“ opens a strong selection of the best of an underrated writer.)


For me, what Greg Egan is to Science Fiction from a Physics point of view, and Rajaniemi is to Science Fiction from a Mathematical point of view, Watts comes to and enriches Science Fiction from a Biology, especially a Marine Biology, point of view. An interesting afterword addresses a number of things about his life and work that readers might be curious about: reaction to his stories; the aforementioned legal troubles with the border patrol; his bout with necrotizing fasciitis; and the charge that his fiction is dystopian, dark, pessimistic and grim. I invite you to read these stories of his and decide the truth of those last charges for yourself.

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