Cultural Breaks

Brian Aldiss

Take a cultural break and celebrate the extraordinary fiction of Brian Aldiss, featuring a remarkable assortment of characters: Maria Galdos, whose only wish is for her son to see Tarzan; Bea, the Eliza Doolittle of insects (so charming, but with a touch of amnesia); and many others.


Cultural Breaks

by Brian Aldiss

ISBN: 1892391260

Published: 2005

Available Format(s): Hardcover

Take a cultural break.

Meet Maria Galdos, a simple woman whose only wish is for her son to see Tarzan (in the Alps). Have tea with Wun Luk, proprietor of the teashop at the end of civilization.

Visit Bea, the Eliza Doolittle of insects—so charming, but with just a touch of amnesia.

Celebrate the extraordinary career of Brian Aldiss with this remarkable collection.

“…almost archetypal in its range, its qualities, its frustrations and its sheer fabulous elations.”
—SF Site

Brian Aldiss is the author of such science-fiction masterpieces as Hothouse, Greybeard, Frankenstein Unbound, The Malacia Tapestry, and the Helliconia Trilogy. He is also the author of the pioneering book of science-fiction criticism Billion Year Spree. Aldiss’s 100+ books of fiction, nonfiction, literary criticism, poetry, and anthologies have won him a myriad of awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, Campbell, Locus, British Science Fiction, Ditmar, and Eaton awards. In 2000, Aldiss was named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.

Praise for Brian Aldiss

“For more than four decades Brian Aldiss has been confounding the limits of satire, poetry, and science fiction, creating stories from the well of dreamscapes that come up sharp against the cutting edge of our technological society.”

“Aldiss is a magician.”
Sunday Times

“Brian Aldiss is one of the most influential, and one of the best, science-fiction writers Britain has ever produced.”
—Iain M. Banks, author of Complicity and The Wasp Factory

“Aldiss and his work are an inspiration and a joy and an international resource.”

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