The Overneath
Peter S. Beagle Featuring:
2017 Locus finalist “The Story of Kao Yu”

The Emerald Circus
Jane Yolen Featuring:
1999 Nebula Award winner “Lost Girls”

The New Voices of Fantasy

Peter S. Beagle and Jacob Weisman, eds.

2016 Nebula and World Fantasy award winner “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” by Alyssa Wong
2015  Nebula Award winner “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon
2016 British Fantasy Award winner “The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn” by Usman T. Malik
2013/14 British Fantasy, Nebula, and Hugo nominee  “Selkie Stories are for Losers” by Sofia Samatar
2011/12 Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Locus nominee “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees” by E. Lily Yu
2015 Shirley Jackson, Nebula, and Tiptree nominee “The Husband Stitch” by Carmen Maria Machado

In Calabria
Peter S. Beagle

2017 Nominee/Longlisted NCIBA Award

Pirate Utopia
Bruce Sterling

2016 Sidewise Award for Alternative History – Short Form nominee

Nightmares: A new Decade of Modern Horror

Ellen Datlow, ed.

2006 Aurealis Award nominee “Dead Sea Fruit” by Kaaron Warren
2008 International Horror Guild winner “Closet Dreams” by Lisa Tuttle
2008 Bram Stoker nominee “Closet Dreams” by Lisa Tuttle
2009 Ditmar Award winner “The Clay Party” by Steve Duffy
2010 Shirley Jackson Award nominee “Strappado” by Laird Barron
2010 Shirley Jackson Award nominee “Lonegan’s Luck” by Stephen Graham Jones
2012 Shirley Jackson Award nominee “Omphalos” by Livia Llewellyn
2013 Shirley Jackson Award nominee “How We Escaped Our Certain Fate” by Dan Chaon
2014 Shirley Jackson Award nominee “That Tiny Flutter of the Heart I Used to Call Love” by Robert Shearman
2015 Shirley Jackson Award nominee “Shay Corsham Worsted” by Garth Nix

Dreams of Distant Shores

Patricia A.  McKillip

2017 Endeavor Award winner
1995 Mythopoeic Award winner for “Something Rich and Strange”


Six Months, Three Days

Charlie Jane Anders

2012 Hugo Award winner
2012 Nebula Award nominee
2012 Theodore Sturgeon Award nominee

Central Station
Lavie Tidhar2017 John W. Campbell Award winner
2017 Arthur C. Clarke Award Shortlist, Best Novel
2016 British Science Fiction Award Longlist, Best Novel
2017 British Science Fiction Award winner – Best Artwork: Sarah Anne Langton

Slow Bullets

Slow Bullets

Alastair Reynolds

2016 Hugo Award finalist
2015 Locus Award winner
2016-2017 Canopus Award finalist

We Are Completely Fine

We Are All Completely Fine
Daryl Gregory

2015 World Fantasy Award winner
2014 Shirley Jackson winner
2014 Nebula Award nominee
2015 Locus Award nominee
2015 Theodore Sturgeon Award nominee



VeryBestF&SF2The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction Volume 2
Gordon Van Gelder, ed.

1980 Balgor Award nominee “——All You Zombies——“ by Robert A. Heinlein
1980 Balgor and Locus Award nominee “Green Magic” by Jack Vance
1978-1979 Nebula and BFA Award winner, Hugo, World Fantasy, Locus and Balrog nominee “Jeffty Is Five” by Harlan Ellison
1985 SF Chronicle Award winner, Hugo, Nebula, and Locus nominee “Salvador” by Lucius Shepard
1985 Hugo, Nebula, Locus and SF Chronicle Award nominee “The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything” by George Alec Effinger
1987 Hugo, Nebula, Locus and SF Chronicle Award nominee “Rat” by James Patrick Kelly
1994 Hugo and Locus Award nominee “The Bone Woman” by Charles de Lint
1995/96 HOMer, Sidewise, Hugo, Locus, Nebula, SF Chronicle Award nominee “The Lincoln Train” by Maureen F. McHugh
1999-2000 Hugo, Sturgeon, Locus, and Nebula Award nominee “Maneki Neko” by Bruce Sterling
2000 Sturgeon Award nominee “Winemaster” Robert Reed
2000 Sturgeon and Locus Award nominee “Suicide Coast” by M. John Harrison
2002 Sturgeon and Locus Award nominee “Have Not Have” by Geoff Ryman
2005/06 Sturgeon, Hugo and Nebula Award nominee “The People of Sand and Slag” by Paolo Bacigalupi
2007 Nebula Award winner “Echo” by Elizabeth Hand
2012 Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner, Hugo, Sturgeon, Locus nominee “The Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu

Yesterday’s Kin

Nancy Kress

2014 Nebula Award winner
2014 Locus Award winner
2015 Theodore Sturgeon Award nominee

Hugo Award Winner

The Emperor’s Soul

Brandon Sanderson

2013 Hugo Award winner
2013 World Fantasy Award nominee

EPIC; Legends of Fantasy

EPIC: Legends of Fantasy

John Joseph Adams, ed.

2013 World Fantasy Award nominee

Beyond the Rift
Beyond the Rift

Peter Watts

2017 Grand Prix de I’Imaginaire nominee (French Edition)
2014 Sunburst Award Honorable Mention

1992 Prix Aurora Award winner “A Niche”
2010 Hugo Award winner  “The Island”
2010 Shirley Jackson Award winner “The Things”

After the
Nebula Award Winner Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall
Nancy Kress

2013 Nebula Award winner
2012 Locus Award winner
2013 Hugo and Sturgeon Award nominee
2013 Endeavour Award nominee

The Bible Repairman and Other Stories
The Bible Repairman and Other Stories

Tim Powers

2012 World Fantasy Award winner

Sleight Of Hand
Sleight of Hand
Peter S. Beagle

2012 Locus Award finalist

Uncertain Places
he Uncertain Places
Lisa Goldstein

2012 Mythopoeic Award winner

The Best of Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale

1988 Bram Stoker Award winner “Night They Missed the Horror Show”
1989 Bram Stoker Award and the British Fantasy Award winner “On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks”
1997 Bram Stoker Award winner “The Big Blow”
1999 Bram Stoker Award winner “The Events Concerning a Nude Fold-Out Found in a Harlequin Romance”

The Hotel Under The Sand

The Hotel Under the Sand

Kage Baker

2010 Andre Norton and Mythopoeic Award nominee
2010 Locus Award runner-up

In The Company Of Thieves
In the Company of Thieves

Kage Baker

2010 Nebula and Locus award-winner The Women of Nell Gwynne’s

Shambling Towards Hiroshima

James Morrow

2010 Sturgeon Award winner
2010 Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Award nominee

The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Gordon van Gelder, ed.

2010 World Fantasy Award nominee

We Never Talk About My Brother 

Peter S. Beagle

2010 World Fantasy Award nominee
2010 Locus Award nominee

2010 Locus Award winner “By Moonlight”

The Apes of Wrath
The Apes of Wrath

Richard Klaw, Editor

1975 Nebula Award nominee “After King Kong Fell” by Philip José Farmer
1984 Nebula Award nominee “Her Furry Face” by Leigh Kennedy
1987 Nebula Award, Sturgeon, and Locus winner “Rachel in Love” by Pat Murphy
2009 Hugo Award nominee “Evil Robot Monkey” by Mary Robinette Kowal



Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, ed.

2009 World Fantasy Award nominee

Sidewise Award winner “Seventy-two Letters” by Ted Chiang



The Dog Said Bow-Wow

Michael Swanwick

2008 Locus Award finalist

2002 Hugo Award winner “The Dog Said Bow-Wow”
2003 Hugo Award winner “Slow Life”
2004 Hugo Award winner “Legions in Time”
2008 Locus Award winner “A Small Room in Koboldtown”


Portable Childhoods

Ellen Klages

2008 Crawford Award nominee

2005 Nebula Award winner “Basement Magic”
2001 Nebula Award nominee  “Flying Over Water”
1999 Nebula and Hugo Award nominee “Time Gypsy”




James Patrick Kelly

2007 Nebula Award winner
2007 Hugo Award nominee




Nina Kiriki Hoffman

2007 Philip K. Dick Award nominee



Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology

James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel, ed.

2002 Hugo Award winner ” Hell is the Absence of God” by Ted Chiang
1999 World Fantasy Award winner “The Specialist’s Hat” by Kelly Link
2007 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award nominee “You Have Never Been Here” by M. Rickert



The Line Between

Peter S. Beagle

2007 Mythopoeic Award nominee “Two Hearts”
2005 Nebula, Hugo and 2007 WSFA Small Press Award winner “El Regalo”


The Best of Xero

Pat and Dick Lupoff

2005 Hugo Award nominee

Stable Strategies and Others

Eileen Gunn

2005 World Fantasy and Philip K. Dick Award nominee
2005 James Tiptree, Jr., Award short list

2004 Nebula Award winner “Coming to Terms”
1989 Hugo Award nominee “Stable Strategies for Middle Management”
1990 Hugo Award nominee “Computer Friendly”
2006 Nebula Award nominee “Nirvana High”

The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche

Peter S. Beagle

2003 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire winner

Reading The Bones
Reading the Bones

Sheila Finch

1998 Nebula Award winner for the novella

Year’s Best Fantasy 6

David Harwell and Kathleen Cramer

2002 Locus Award finalist

2007 Nebula Award nominee “Walpurgis Afternoon” by Delia Sherman

Tales of Old Earth

Michael Swanwick

2001 Locus Award winner

he Boss in the Wall
Avram Davidson and Grania Davis

1999 Nebula Award nominee
1999 Locus Award finalist

he Stress of Her Regard 
Tim Powers

1990 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award winner
1990 World Fantasy Award nominee
1990 Locus Award runner-up


Her Smoke Rose Up Forever

James Tiptree, Jr.

1974 Hugo Award winner “The Girl Who was Plugged In”
1977 Hugo Award winner “Houston, Houston, Do You Read?”