Are you open to submissions?

Unfortunately, Tachyon is not open to author submissions. 

The following queries are welcome, please email us (preferably with no attachments):

Literary agents – please do not query us if you represent only yourself.
Artists and designers – please send links to your portfolios and recent work.
Interns – if you have any relevant interest or experience in genre/speculative fiction, we’d love to hear about it in your cover letter.

Again, please no queries from authors.

We recommend the Resources area at SFWA for comprehensive information for authors about science fiction and fantasy publishing.

Why “Tachyon”?

A tachyon (tack-ee-on; from the Greek tachus, meaning “speedy”) is a hypothetical elementary subatomic particle that is capable of exceeding the speed of light. Tachyons would violate causality if they were proven to exist, because they could be sent to the past, creating a time paradox (like on every other episode of Star Trek).

This is how we meet our deadlines here at Tachyon—first we miss them, and then we go back and meet them. Tachyons actually travel faster when they are losing energy and slow down when they are gaining energy, which is kind of a metaphor for the publishing industry, if you think about it (we try not to).

How do I contact you?

Go to our Contacts page.

How can I buy all of your amazing books?

Tachyon titles can be found at all major brick and mortar and online booksellers.

Go to our Catalog to purchase Tachyon books directly.

Go to Indiebound to find independent bookstores in your area and to order directly from them online.

Tachyon titles are distributed to retailers, libraries, universities, and wholesalers via Legato Publishers Group. To order, please contact Ingram Content Group.