The Immortal Conquistador

Carrie Vaughn

Ricardo de Avila would have followed Coronado to the ends of the earth. Instead, Ricardo found the end of his mortal life, and a new identity: the Immortal Conquistador. Now discover the thrilling adventures of the man who would become Rick, the infamous werewolf Kitty Norville’s ally.


The Immortal Conquistador

by Carrie Vaughn

ISBN: Print: 978-1-61696-321-7; Digital: 978-1-61696-322-4

Published: March 2020

Available Format(s): Trade Paperback and Digital


Discover the thrilling, deadly chronicles of the noble immortal who becomes Rick, ally of bestselling author Carrie Vaughn’s fan-favorite werewolf, Kitty Norville.

Ricardo de Avila would have followed Coronado to the ends of the earth. Instead, Ricardo found the end of his mortal life, and a new identity—as the Immortal Conquistador.

For over five hundred years, Ricardo keeps unwillingly upsetting the established order. He has protected his found family from marauding demons, teamed up with a legendary gunslinger, appointed himself the Master of Denver, and called upon a church buried under the Vatican. He has tended bar and fended off werewolves.

Life for a vampire is long, but it is never simple.


New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn is best known for her fourteen volume Kitty Norville series. The series, about a werewolf who hosts a talk radio advice show for supernatural beings, includes fourteen novels and a collection of short stories. She is also the author of the superhero novels The Golden Age saga. Vaughn is a contributor to the Wild Cards series of shared-world novels edited by George R.R. Martin, and also writes the Harry and Marlowe steampunk short stories about an alternate nineteenth century that makes use of alien technology. She has a master’s degree in English literature, graduated from the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop in 1998, and returned to the workshop as Writer in Residence in 2009. She is the winner of the RT Reviewer Choice Award for Best First Mystery for Kitty and The Midnight Hour, won the WSFA Small Press award for best short story for “Amaryllis,” and she has been has been nominated for the Hugo Award.

A bona fide Air Force brat (her father served on a B-52 flight crew during the Vietnam War), Vaughn grew up all over the U.S. but managed to put down roots in the area of Boulder, Colorado, where she pursuers an endlessly growing list of hobbies and enjoys the outdoors as much as she can. She is fiercely guarded by a miniature American Eskimo dog named Lily.

Praise for Carrie Vaughn

On Bannerless

2017 Winner of the Philip K. Dick Award

Bannerless is both a fine murder mystery and a multi-layered look at a different kind of society.”
Analog Science Fiction & Fact

“Vaughn skillfully portrays a vastly altered future America that’s almost unrecognizable decades after its total collapse; the … focus on sustainability and responsibility is unusual, thought-provoking, and very welcome.”
Publishers Weekly

“[A]n intimate post-apocalyptic mystery … a deft portrait of a society departed so completely from the complexities of the now-destroyed civilization … that survivors don’t even understand what it is they’ve lost. … [A] well-crafted and heartfelt effort.”

“Amazing and compelling, Vaughn brings her deft characterization and humanity to bear on a post-apocalyptic world that is all too real.”
—Tobias S. Buckell, bestselling author of Arctic Rising

On The Wild Dead

“This thrilling postapocalyptic mystery, which demonstrates the author’s wide range of style, will please Vaughn’s many fans.”
Library Journal, starred review

“Enid is a capable, honest, relentless seeker of answers, and her investigation is reminiscent of classic hardboiled mysteries. Despite an almost palpable air of claustrophobic foreboding, this tale still manages to convey a sense of hope and optimism.”
Publishers Weekly

“Structurally, this is a standard police procedural; it’s the environment, the carefully constructed future society, that gives it a unique flavor. Beautifully executed.”

Carrie Vaughn may still be best known for her Kitty the Werewolf series, but Bannerless and The Wild Dead show that her talents are versatile. I really enjoyed these novels. I would very much like to read more of them.

“The Wild Dead is a highly enjoyable and captivating sophomore entry in the Bannerless series.”
Geeks of Doom

On Kitty Saves the World

“Longtime readers will enjoy the sense of payoff—especially when certain characters meet much-deserved fates and others get their happy-for-nows—and they’ll be eager to see where Vaughn goes next.”
Publishers Weekly

“The open nature of Kitty’s character and the way Vaughn makes her such a likeable character make this the only urban fantasy world where I want to read every book of the series.”
The Denver Post

“A great series for fans of the recent werewolf-vampire craze who want to move beyond Stephanie Meyer or Charlaine Harris.”
The Daily News (Galveston County, TX)

“Kitty Saves the World was a fun, fast . . . The ending feels like a new beginning and I’m good with that.”
Vampire Book Club

“None of these books are ever repetitive and they always have a great obstacle that the characters must overcome.   This was no different and quite a fast paced read.”
Under the Covers

Kitty Saves the World is probably my favorite final book in any series that I’ve read. I highly recommend [it].” —All Things Urban Fantasy

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