The Oddling Prince

Nancy Springer

In the ancient moors of Scotland, the king of Calidon lies on his deathbed, cursed by a ring that cannot be removed from his finger. He may only be saved by two brothers whose love and loyalty to each other will be such that it defies impending warfare, sundering seas, fated hatred, and the very course of time itself.


The Oddling Prince

by Nancy Springer

ISBN: Print: 978-1-61696-289-0 Digital: 978-1-61696-290-6

Published: May 2018

Available Format(s): Trade Paperback and Digital Books


In the ancient moors of Scotland, the king of Calidon lies on his deathbed, cursed by a ring that cannot be removed from his finger. When a mysterious fey stranger appears to save the king, he also carries a secret that could tear the royal family apart.

The kingdom’s only hope will lie with two young men raised worlds apart. Aric is the beloved heir to the throne of Calidon; Albaric is clearly of noble origin yet strangely out of place.

The Oddling Prince is a tale of brothers whose love and loyalty to each other is such that it defies impending warfare, sundering seas, fated hatred, and the very course of time itself. In her long-awaited new fantasy novel, Nancy Springer (the Books of Isle series) explores the darkness of the human heart as well as its unceasing capacity for love.

Praise for The Oddling Prince

Publishers Weekly Top-Ten Spring 2018 SF, Fantasy and Horror
A Barnes & Noble Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Book of May 2018

 “[10/10 stars] This is luminous writing that enfolds the reader like a spell from the very first page . . . Hold onto your bows and arrows Elflings, we might have an early contender for the best fantasy novel of 2018”

“In The Oddling Prince, Nancy Springer juggles the tropes of fantasy and folklore with skill and wit, exploring kingship, brotherhood, friendship and heroism of many kinds while telling a story that kept me up far too late finding out what was going to happen next to characters I really cared about.”
—Delia Sherman, author of Changeling

5/5 stars. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. It felt a bit like Juliet Marillier’s stories with the peaceful pacing, fae elements, vibrant medieval Celtic setting, and very little violence.”
—A Page with a View

“A beautiful, unique, and gorgeous story that should be read by all ages.”
Pass Me That Book

The Oddling Prince is fantasy at its best. Lyrical prose, memorable characters, and a haunting story bring to life the never-was worlds of Calidon and Otherland. Filled with magic, fabulous horses, swordplay, and treachery—at its core, The Oddling Prince is about the power of love. This skillfully wrought novel reminds readers of why Nancy Springer is one of our top fantasy writers. A must-read book!”
Vonnie Winslow Crist, author of The Enchanted Dagger

 “What a thrilling yarn! Fast-moving, full of surprises, and yet infinitely satisfying. Every time you think you know what’s going to happen Springer pulls a new but perfect rabbit out of the hat. The Oddling Prince is one of those great books that’ll be reread over and over again.”
Brenda W. Clough, author of How Like A God and A Most Dangerous Woman

“In The Oddling Prince, Nancy Springer has written a small, perfect epic, three words I did not think could ever live well together. And yet here it is: romantic, heroic, moving, satisfying—and not an overblown farrago of words. Read it—and believe.”
—Jane Yolen, author of The Emerald Circus and Sister Light/Sister Dark

 “Lyrical and lovely, The Oddling Prince feels both fresh and like a classic ballad that’s been part of the English canon for centuries.”
—Sarah Beth Durst, award-winning author of the Queens of Renthia series

5/5 stars.  This very well could end up being my favorite book of the year.”
Way Too Fantasy

The Oddling Prince is Nancy Springer at her very best. If you don’t know her work—which seems most unlikely—The Oddling Prince is the perfect place to start!”
—Peter S. Beagle, author of Summerlong

“Springer is the author of more than 50 books for children and adults; this one hits the sweet spot between them, a richly written story of two young men finding their true paths.”
Barnes & Noble

“The year 2017 marked Nancy Springer’s fortieth anniversary as a professional writer (The Book of Suns, 1977) and happily also found her talents and energies undiminished . . . An out-of-the-ordinary fairy tale that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with work by Tanith Lee and C.J. Cherryh.”
Asimov’s SF

“Nancy Springer is a treasure.”
—Ellen Kushner, author of Swordspoint

“Nancy Springer tells a magnificent and magical tale, full of vivid landscapes and unforgettable characters. With an engaging plot and fast-paced action, The Oddling Prince is a must-read for fantasy lovers of all ages”
Karen E. Taylor, author of the Vampire Legacy series, Cellar, and Love & Monsters

“Springer (James Tiptree Award–winning Larque on the Wing, 1994) weaves this coming-of-age story with themes of magic, love, and loyalty.”

“A breath of fresh air, wonderful world building and a must read for fantasy lovers.”
The Stars Listen

Publishers Weekly

“The writing is suburb and you really feel like you are there with all of the sights and sounds of medieval Scotland . . . a truly magical story that should not be missed.”
Brotherly Love

“There is a sense of a fantasy mashup of Ulysses and the Faerie Queen set in a Victorian romantic version of the Middle Ages . . . There is a very skilled hand at work here.”
Strange Alliances

5/5 stars. Highly recommended for fantasy readers of all ages.”
Confessions of a Book Addict

About the Author

Nancy Springer is the award-winning author of more than fifty novels, including the Books of Isle fantasy series, the Enola Holmes mystery series and a plethora of magical realism, women’s fiction, contemporary young adult and other titles. She received the James Tiptree Jr. Award for Larque on the Wing, the Edgar Allan Poe Award for her juvenile mysteries Toughing It and Looking for Jamie Bridger, and has been a frequent nominee for the Nebula and World Fantasy awards. Forthcoming from Tachyon Publishing, The Oddling Prince is a heartfelt return to her beginnings, forty years ago, in the fantasy genre. She currently lives in the Florida Panhandle, where she rescues feral cats and enjoys the vibrant wildlife of the wetlands.

Praise for Nancy Springer

“Ms. Springer’s work is outstanding in the field.”
—Andre Norton

“Nancy Springer writes like a dream.”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Nancy Springer’s kind of writing is the kind that makes you want to run out, grab people on the street, and tell them to go find her book immediately and read them, all of them.”
The Salem News

Praise for Fair Peril

“Rollicking, outrageous . . . eccentric, charming…Springer has created a hilarious blend of feminism and fantasy in this heartfelt story of the power of a mother’s love.”
Publishers Weekly

“A delightful romp of a book…an exuberant and funny feminist fairy tale.”
Lambda Book Report

“Moving, eloquent… Fair Peril is modern/timeless storytelling at its best, both enchanting and very down-to-earth.”

Praise for Larque on the Wing

“Satisfying and illuminating…scathing…nightmarish…uproariously funny…an off-the-wall contemporary fantasy that refuses to fit any of the normal boxes.”
Asimov’s Science Fiction

“Irresistible…charming, eccentric…thoughtful and significant…a winning, precisely rendered foray into magic realism.”

Praise for Chains of Gold

“Fantasy as its finest.”
Romantic Times

“Nancy Springer is a writer possessed of a uniquely individual vision. The story in Chains of Gold is borrowed from no one. It has a small, neat scope rare in a book of this genre, and it is a little jewel.”
Mansfield News Journal

“Springer writes with depth and subtlety; her characters have failings as well as strengths, and the topography is as vivid as the lands of dreams and nightmares. Cerilla is a worthy heroine, her story richly mythic.”
Publishers Weekly


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