Patricia A. McKillip’s intoxicating THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD deserves to be savored

Following the publication of the new edition of Patricia A. McKillip’s World Fantasy Award-winner THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD, now available in paperback and for the first time as an ebook, the praises keep coming.


Photo: Stephen Gold/Wikimedia Commons

For STARBURST, Ian White praises the classic.

The intervening decades haven’t diminished its power. It is an extraordinary book, and McKillip deserves all the praise she received for creating such a masterful, brave, intricately crafted universe. This is an Arthurian myth-that-isn’t, a fairytale without a ‘Once Upon a Time…’ Her command of language is intoxicating, her characters are beautifully realised, and there is a resonating emotional power in every page. Not unlike the characters in her stories, McKillip knows how to invoke magic. Perhaps THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD is not for everybody – it is, at its heart, a deeply romantic tale that is rich in psychological conflict but light in sword and sorcery. But it is an exquisite work of storytelling art and a stunning example of McKillip at the height of her powers (powers which never seem to wane). A very welcome revival of a fantasy classic, and the cover – by Elizabeth Story and Thomas Canty – is pretty stunning as well.


Sky Brooks at A BEAUTIFUL FICTION devours the novel.

I loved this book, and read it in one sitting, gulping it down when it absolutely deserved to be savored. In fact, this book will likely make the list of the best books I read in 2017, a lesser honor than the World Fantasy Award it already won after its original publication. It definitely made me want to read some of my favorite McKillip books again—particularly the ones that may have grown out of this one.

UPTOWN ORACLE enjoys the fantasy.

McKillip’s writing style is almost poetical in places. Because of this, in even the longest of sentences you’re still hooked. It also resonates a lot with the songs about the beasts within the world. These beasts are ferocious, beautiful, and magical. I loved how they were described throughout the book. The way magic was talked about and how it was explained kept my imagination open.

For more info about THE FORGOTTEN BEASTS OF ELD, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Thomas Canty