Excitement mounts for the impending release of Nancy Springer’s THE ODDLING PRINCE


Eagerness abounds across the ‘net for Nancy Springer’s forthcoming novel THE ODDLING PRINCE.


A couple weeks ago I was also thrilled to receive a surprise package from the wonderful team at Tachyon Publications, containing THE ODDLING PRINCE by Nancy Springer, a historical fantasy set in the ancient moors of Scotland. Its premise has a charming fairy tale-like quality to it, and already I’ve seen this one likened to the works of Juliet Marillier. I just hope those comparisons are true because this one sounds incredible.


I began this recently and am curious about it and like the writing so far. I believe it is YA fantasy and it has a fairy tale quality to it.


This ARC I’ve been approved for is a fantasy set in ancient Scotland, how cool is that!


Photo: Bob O’Leary

Springer will be participating in a REDDIT AMA on April 5 at 2-4PM EST.

For more info on THE ODDLING PRINCE, visit the Tachyon page.

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