THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT is seriously awesome

Saying that Ana Grilo at The Book Smugglers just liked THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT would be a vast understatement.

The framing of The Very Best of Kate Elliott is clear: feminist stories featuring a diverse group of female characters presented in a variety of roles and journeys. The most obvious extrapolation here for me given my personal interests is how topical and important this collection is as it fits into an ongoing conversation about places for women – as writers, readers and characters – in SFF. The fact that I absolutely loved every single story and every single essay is just the cherry on top of Mount Awesome.

There is a little bit of everything here and something for everybody. This is a great collection, a fun collection, an important collection, a highly recommended collection. The Very Best of Kate Elliott is the very best that genre fiction can offer.

Rating: 10 – Seriously Awesome

Read the rest of Grilo’s review, which includes coverage of many of the stories and essays, at The Book Smugglers.

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