INVADERS is a great summer read

FOREWORD REVIEWS includes Jacob Weisman’s INVADERS: 22 TALES FROM THE OUTER LIMITS OF LITERATURE among their 4 Great Indie Sci-Fi Titles for Summer.

Jacob Weisman settles—or perhaps provokes—the debate about what constitutes literature, and what represents “genre fiction”–science fiction, in this case–in the story collection INVADERS: 22 TALES FROM THE OUTER LIMITS OF LITERATURE.


Because of the book’s variety, it demands a sense of open-mindedness toward what constitutes science fiction. But the writing itself is consistently excellent, and occasionally exquisite. There’s never a sense of these authors “slumming” in genre fiction simply because they can, or because they were solicited for an anthology contribution; the stories are what they need to be, and if that involves a doglike alien’s wordless meeting with a shepherd, so be it.

At its best, science fiction surpasses simple, conventional tales of “invaders from space.” With wry wit and sincere affection, this collection shows us that many times, the invaders not only have good intentions but also have much to share.

Jacob Wesiman discussing the new book with his friends (photo: Jill Roberts)

Joel Cunningham at the B&N SCI-FI & FANTASY BLOG mentions the anthology in his listing of this week’s recommended new books.

This week is three for three with anthologies. This one, edited by Jacob Weisman, collects stories from authors you’ll usually find on the shelves in the “literary fiction” section, even when they’re incorporating genre tropes into their work left and right. Check out SFF-nal stories from heavy hitters like Junot Díaz, George Sanders, Katherine Dunn, Jonathan Lethem, Amiri Baraka, W.P. Kinsella, Steven Millhauser, Robert Olen Butler, and Molly Gloss.

FOR THE LOVE OF WORDS listed the title (without comment) in their Something to Look Forward To selection.

For more info about INVADERS: 22 TALES FROM THE OUTER LIMITS OF LITERATURE, visit the Tachyon page.

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