STARTING THIS THURSDAY Join Tachyon Publisher Jacob Weisman and Mia Tsai, author of the acclaimed BITTER MEDICINE at Dragon Con

Jacob Weisman and Mia Tsai are attending the 2023 Dragon Con, August 31-Sept 4 in Atlanta, GA.

Both Wesiman and Tsai are participating in the extensive Dragon Con events and signings

Saturday, September 2

11:30 AM

Editor Here, Editor There: So Much Red Ink that It Looks Like Blood!
Embassy CD Hyatt

Editors are a necessary evil: sometimes authors love them, sometimes they kill them in novels. But how do we know which is the kind we need? There are many varieties of this demon: Copy, Developmental, and who knows what else.
Panelists: Trisha J. Wooldridge(M), Steve Saffel, James A. Hunter, Lezli Robyn, Jacob Weisman, Anne Sowards

5:30 PM

Editors Reveal All
Embassy EF Hyatt

What is an editor looking for? What are the advantages and disadvantages to publishing today among traditional, indie, and self-publishing? These editors have the answers.
Panelists: Oriana Shani Leckert, Anne Sowards, Toni Weisskopf, Bill Fawcett(M), David Afsharirad, Jacob Weisman

Bitter Medicine by Mia Tsai
Cover art by Jia-Ling Pan
Design by Elizabeth Story

Sunday, September 3

10 AM

Signing Jacob Weisman
The Missing Volume booth 1201

2 PM

Signing Mia Tsai
The Missing Volume booth 1201

4 PM

Trends in UF: Editors & Publishers Share the Scoop
Chastain 1-2 Westin

Our panel of editors and publishers will share their knowledge and expertise in a discussion of what readers can look forward to next in the Urban Fantasy genre.
Panelists: John G. Hartness, Steve Saffel, Toni Weisskopf, Jennifer Morris(M), Jacob Weisman, Lezli Robyn

7 PM

That Has Such People in It: the Unwritten Rules of SF
Embassy AB Hyatt

What are the unwritten rules of modern Science Fiction? Are there any? And if so – are we required to follow them?
Panelists: James Nettles, Jacob Weisman, Trisha J. Wooldridge, Gray Rinehart, Steve Saffel(M), Lezli Robyn

Monday, September 4

10 AM

IP Here, IP There, Intellectual Property Everywhere
Embassy CD Hyatt

Intellectual Property can be a tricky business, but is very important. Sometimes it is sharing a universe, sometimes it’s jumping into a new medium, sometimes a name becomes a catchall. How do you keep your special child and yet share it with the world?
Panelists: Toni Weisskopf, Oriana Shani Leckert, B.L. Blanchard, James Nettles(M), Harmon Cooper, Jacob Weisman