“Oh, my does Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan sound good.”


Book Probe announced their ten most anticipated science fiction books of 2014. The selections included Michael J. Sullivan’s Hollow World.

Oh, my does Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan sound good. The synopsis would be the only thing needed to pull someone in, but Michael’s sort-of post on Goodreads about Hollow World makes someone—like myself—even more appealed to this book. Michael says, “…rediscovered something that had always interested me: the idea that a person’s perception forms their view of the world and that it’s possible for two people to see the same thing but in very different ways … If a person were to travel forward in time and see the future, what would matter more: what the future really was, or how the person from the past perceived it? Could someone find paradise and think it a hellish future and vice versa?” Damn. I need this book now.

FREE extended preview of Hollow World which contains the first four chapters of the book (66 pages) is still available.

For information on Hollow Worldvisit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Marc Simonetti. Design by Elizabeth Story.