The excellent THE GREAT BAZAAR & BRAYAN’S GOLD is required reading

At DESBRAVANDO LIVROS, Vagner Stefanello reviews the original two separate Subterrean editions Peter V. Brett’s BRAYAN’S GOLD and THE GREAT BAZAAR AND OTHER STORIES. The duo will be reprinted as THE GREAT BAZAAR & BRAYAN’S GOLD.

The Brayan’s Gold narrative takes place at about the half of the main book, Arlen is in Miln when working with Cob and carrying forward his dream of being a messenger.

In one of his first works as a messenger apprentice, Arlen is in charge of taking an extremely important load thundersticks (rockets?) To BRAYAN’S GOLD, one of the mines Brayan Conde, located in a well away to the northwest of Miln mountain. In addition, since its load is dangerous and any sudden movement can blow it up and also cause an avalanche, care is necessary, not to mention the fact that thieves often lurk the high road and intercept shipments arriving at the mines.

Needless to say I’ve missed reading about Arlen, right? I believe this tale Brett, whose pages had to be taken from the main book and placed here, brings some more perspectives for readers and also enhances the features and Arlen motivations. His aversion to fear that people have the terraítas is evident here and it further intensifies.


Required reading for fans of the series, do not forget to check BRAYAN’S GOLD and other extra books that take place in the same world. The writing of Peter continues engaging as ever.

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And here I am again to tell you my opinion on
THE GREAT BAZAAR AND OTHER STORIES, another book of Peter V. Brett’s going in the same universe of the main series.

Situated between chapters 16 and 17 PROTECTED, THE GREAT BAZAAR already introduces us to Arlen as a messenger and currently Krasia, the Lance of the Desert. Ever wanted to know more about the place, and this tale healed a bit my curiosity about the krasianos and how they behave.


In short, THE GREAT BAZAAR AND OTHER STORIES is a very interesting reading and should be cleared by all fans of the series and who else desired. Recommend!

Read the rest of Stefanello’s review of THE GREAT BAZAAR AND OTHER STORIES at DESBRAVANDO LIVROS.

(Both reviews poorly translation from the Portuguese by Google.)

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