Happy birthday to the imaginative Tad Williams

Before finding success as an acclaimed bestselling author, Tad Williams held numerous odd jobs, including insurance salesman, radio host, laying titles, and several years in a rock band called Idiot. Among his numerous works are the series MEMORY, SORROW & THORN series (THE DRAGONBONE CHAIR, STONE OF FAREWELL, and TO GREEN ANGEL TOWER), OTHERLAND (CITY OF GOLDEN SHADOW, RIVER OF BLUE FIRE, MOUNTAIN OF BLACK GLASS, and SEA OF SILVER LIGHT), SHADOWMARCH (SHADOWMARCH, SHADOWPLAY, SHADOWRISE, and SHADOWHEART), and BOBBY DOLLAR (THE DIRTY STREETS OF HEAVEN, HAPPY HOUR IN HELL, and SLEEPING LATE ON JUDGEMENT DAY) and the classic stand alone novel TAILCHASER’S SONG.

Williams has authored comics for DC, Image, Wildstorm, and Big Entertainment. Titles included AQUAMAN: SWORD OF ATLANTIS, THE NEXT, WILDC.A.T.S, DIVINE RIGHT, and MIRRORWORLD: RAIN. His numerous shorter works have been collected in RITE: SHORT WORK, A STARK AND WORMY KNIGHT, and THE VERY BEST OF TAD WILLIAMS.

All of us at Tachyon wish the fantastical Tad a happy birthday.

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