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Joe R. Lansdale (photo: Karen Lansdale), Daryl Gregory, and John Langan

TZER ISLAND recommends the entertaining HAP AND LEONARD.

A couple of the short stories in the volume are billed as novellas. I’m not sure they’re long enough to qualify as novellas rather than long short stories. The entire volume is relatively short, but most of the stories are entertaining, as you would expect from Joe Lansdale.

The first long story is “Hyenas.” A young man looking for someone to help him prevent his brother from committing a robbery has the misfortune of meeting the wrong guys before he finds Hap and Leonard. A couple of violent confrontations later and the problem is solved. This is a fun, straightforward story that is enlivened by Lansdale’s trademark wit.

On the whole, this collection is something that Hap and Leonard fans (or, more generally, Lansdale fans) will appreciate.

In his AUSTIN CHRONICLE review of the revisionist teen horror film I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, Richard Whittaker unexpectedly referenceDaryl Gregory’s World Fantasy and Shirley Jackson award winning novella WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE.

O’Brien doesn’t just create an engrossing, perturbing, and oddly cheery character study. He proves that there is a way to cinematically adapt the new wave of literary horror spearheaded by Wells and Daryl Gregory (WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE), catching their cerebral carnage. If we’re all lucky, they’ll be as breathtakingly innovative, delightfully ghoulish, and insightfully unconventional as what we can only hope is the beginning of the cinematic misadventures of John Wayne Cleaver.

John Langan reads an excerpt from his story “Corpsemouth,” which first appeared in Ellen Datlow’s THE MONSTROUS.

A few months ago, Jordan Krall contacted me to ask if I would be interested in providing a recording of me reading from one of my stories for one of the activities scheduled at his annual KrallCon.  (Which sounds vague and possibly sinister, I know.)  The other night, my older son, Nick, stayed up late with me to record this excerpt from my story, “Corpsemouth,” which first appeared in Ellen Datlow’s anthology, THE MONSTROUS. I thought it would be fun to share it with anyone who’s interested.

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