Peter Watts’ intelligent and fun THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION sits atop the bestseller list


As reported in the September 2018 issue, Peter Watts’ mind bending THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION makes it premiere at number one on the LOCUS trade paperback bestseller list. The title ties Ray Bradbury classic Fahrenheit 451 for the top slot.


THE READING LIFE praises the story.

THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION is an incredibly intelligent book with extremely in-depth character and a story-line that actually makes you think, and it’s a book that when I read it, the entire time I’m just thinking “this is what science fiction look like”. 

What made this book really unique in my opinion is how the writer combined his hilarious writing style with some very serious scientific facts. This not only helps the reader better understand the narrator when they’re explaining something but ultimately help put the book in a more interesting light and more fun to read. I also really appreciate how short this book is because with that much intelligence, this book had the perfect length for not completely depriving the reader of their attention by being like 500 pages.

I strongly recommend people who are craving science fiction, and just some true intelligence in their novels. I myself understand this better than anyone because there are so many examples out there that the science fiction…just doesn’t feel challenging enough.

THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION coded message continues to garner discussing on REDDIT.

FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION’s coded message – worth it?

I just started reading the physical copy of Watts’s FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION and noticed that there’s occasionally letters printed in red instead of black. Looking at the first few, it seems like they’re spelling something. So, questions to anyone who’s taken the time to figure out the message:

Is it something that should be done before, while or after reading the story?

Does it spoil anything?
Does jotting-it-down-as-you-read add anything to the reading experience?
Am I going to miss anything if I ignore it for now and just go back and figure it out later?

I’m NOT asking anyone to reply with the message. If you feel compelled to do so, please wrap it with a spoiler tag.


For their October selection, The Book Shop Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club is reading THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION.

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On INSTAGRAM, Dark Crayon (aka Piotr Cieśliński) reveals the cover image to the forthcoming Polish edition Poklatkowa rewolucja.


For more info on THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION, visit the Tachyon page.

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