WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is densely packed with goodness


The recent release of the prequel HARRISON SQUARED and the Nebula Award nomination announcement attracted new attention for Daryl Gregory’s WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE.


Well, now I realize I’ve gone about this review in a very roundabout way. Partly, it’s because I don’t want to spoil too much of the story.We Are All Completely Fine is an average-sized novella, a very quick read, and yet it is just so densely packed with goodness. It just begs to be experienced firsthand. True, it might not be an easy read at times, with its disturbing themes and bone-chilling violence, but I did also find it tremendously addicting. Needless to say, I highly recommend this book and author. It’s a good place to jump on board if you love the horror genre, or if you’re curious about checking out Daryl Gregory’s work. I for one am looking forward to more from his pen.

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The Spanish language EL ÚLTIMO DESEO FANTÁSTICO decided to read WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE after it received the nomination.

Do not want to say anything more about the history and I think it’s much more enjoyable venture without knowing what you are getting and be surprised by each of the characters and their stories, fears and goals with the support group; Overcoming? Acceptance? each has its goals but will among all they will face the consequences of individual decisions. It’s a tough history, with stories that make your hair stand on end yet not without a touch of humor that puts a smile on his face despite what is happening. A story that once you start you can not stop reading until finish, so make sure you have enough to read in one breath time.

Certainly a very good novella I recommend very much.

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And finally Daryl Gregory announced HARRISON SQUARED THE GAME.

Harrison Squared Dies Early is a short interactive story that’s a companion toHarrison Squared the novel. Remember choose-your-own-adventure books? It’s like that, but with puzzles.  (And it’s easy to create your own game — more on that below.)

You play as Harrison as he sneaks into Dunnsmouth Secondary on a not-so-sleepy Saturday to track down a monster running loose. The art is by David Hinnergardt, and text and puzzles are by me.

Did I mention it’s free? Play now!


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