The unpredictable COLD IN JULY is a top distraction of 2014


Not only has the acclaimed film version been included on numerous best of 2014 lists, but the re-issue of Joe R. Lansdale’s classic Texas noir Cold in July garnered many mentions as well.

Serial Distractions:

Top Distraction

Content-wise, I didn’t write very many reviews this year. That is definitely something I need to fix in 2015. That being said, my stand-out, Top Distraction of 2015 [sic] is easy to pick this year:

Cold in July by Joe R. Lansdale

This book has everything I love by one of my favorite authors.

Wag the Fox:

One of my favorite writers saw one of his novels re-released to coincide with the premier of its film adaptation. If you like revenge tales, you need to read this novel. One fateful home invasion forever alters the lives of two fathers. Seriously, read it.

Dead End Follies:

For its unpredictable nature and its perfect blend of genres. An inimitable novel from an inimitable author.

Without comment, both Just a Guy That Likes To Read and author/publisher Mike Monson, in an interview at Bad Citizen Corporation, included Cold in July in their list of best reads of 2014.

For more about Cold in July, visit the Tachyon page.

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