HAP AND LEONARD will leave you laughing

Photo: Karen Lansdale


Language tartare galore…Lansdale’s style is almost impossible to describe. On top of that, I was laughing so hard in the first pages that it made me re-read some of the pages many times. The humorous dialogue and characters move the book along at a steep rate of laughs. The humour remains throughout all the stories, even during the shoot-to-kill moments. I think Lansdale wanted to help lighten the mood. I thoroughly enjoyed the approach and Hap and Leonard’s traits shone like a beacon from start to finish. As an added bonus you’ll find a lot of politically incorrect snippets, just the way I like it.

SUNDANCETV offers a Joe R. Lansdale short film festival, which includes ONCE WE WERE
CHILDREN, a documentary that explores Lansdale’s upbringing and the imagination.

For more info on HAP AND LEONARD, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Elizabeth Story