The well told YESTERDAY’S KIN delivers a few surprises and unexpected twists


Ellen Herzfeld at Quarante-Deux: Cosmos privés praises Nancy Kress’ Yesterday’s Kin.

Everything is led by a master hand, without a moment lower level. The scientific considerations are presented without heaviness, the reactions of the characters are believable and understandable action is described with great efficiency. One might ask why Nancy Kress has not chosen to make a much longer text; there was material. But she loves this length that leaves enough room to develop an interesting story where every word counts, where there is nothing to throw.

Somehow, this novel is very similar to the classic Sci-aliens who land a threat to Earth, scientists seeking to avoid it … but it’s full of modern ideas of current thinking and c ’ is so well told, if well built, with a few surprises and unexpected twists, the result is, for me, a little gem.

(Poor translation from the French courtesy of Google)

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Cover by Thomas Canty.