Engaging THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION is vintage Peter Watts

Buzz continues for Peter Watts’ forthcoming THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION.

Joe Karpierz in MT VOID (03/30/18 – Vol. 36, No. 39, Whole Number 2008) praises the book.

While the basis to the story is the building of the wormhole gate network, this is really a story about humanity trying to
perform a mission they’re not sure has meaning any longer. It’s dark, and it’s not pleasant–but it’s vintage Peter Watts. It’s an
engaging piece of fiction that will have you wondering about the makers of the next wormhole gate network you read about in
someone else’s story–and whether they ever finished the project, and if they did, what happened after that. It’s science fiction
on a grand scale, covering countless millennia and light-years. It’s a story that doesn’t leave the reader comfortable, and it’s
terrific. But if you wanted comfortable, you wouldn’t be reading anything by Peter Watts.

EMILY READS JANE is intrigued.

Oh woooooow, that’s some heavy sci-fi. Calling all science nerds this is the book for you. Think the Martian but without a pause to explain for all the dummies in the room. Watts hits hard and doesn’t stop with the space travel and science world building.


While this is just a novella (but as I understand is a part of a larger series of short stories), the plot flies by leaving you wondering whats going to happen next as thousands of years pass by in our story. 

A super interesting concept, I think fans of sci-fi and especially time travel stories will enjoy this quick read.

4 out of 5 stars

The Spanish site DREAMS OF ELVEX lauds the work.

In short, a totally satisfactory reading. An impressive scenario in which he places an addictive plot, which generates tension and with very interesting speculations. That yes, with the peculiar style of the author, which sometimes is a bit difficult, but if you connect, you can not stop reading. I recommend it without any doubt.

(Translation from Spanish, courtesy of Google)

For more info on THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Elizabeth Story