THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT is a must-read for anyone who likes their women badass and their fantasy epic

The overwhelming positive reviews for The Very Best of Kate Elliott keep flooding in.

From Their are inkspots on my page:

Basically, this book is a great introduction for new readers wanting to know more about Kate’s work before committing to a whole series, a delightful read for older fans wanting to reminisce, and a must-read for anyone who likes their women badass and their fantasy epic.

A Fantastical Librarian:

I really enjoyed The Very Best of Kate Elliott. It shows off Kate Elliott’s strengths and the themes she’s been writing about for the past twenty years. In my opinion though, this collection should come with a warning, because it is like a gateway drug. I knew I loved Elliott’s writing from the Crown of Stars series, but now I want to read ALL. OF. HER. BOOKS. I guess I have some catching up to do! Whether you are familiar with Elliott’s writing or not, this collection comes highly recommended, as it is a great introduction to her writing as well as a great retrospective.

Paper Blog:

The stories are top rated but what caught my attention were the non-fiction essays. Elliot does an excellent job of covering the role of women in fiction in addition to what it is like to write about fully realized females in a traditionally male dominated market.

And the cover by Julie Dillon is out of this world. She is an amazing artist who needs more recognition in the field.

Highly recommended.

Fangirl Happy Hour:

I loved it. I loved every single story. I loved the characters. I loved the worlds. I loved how varied this collection is terms of the type of stories. It has fantasy, science fiction, elements of horror, romance, sex, torture, magic. I was completely enamored with it.

Gnome Reviews:

The essays examine the roles that the male gaze, female pain and suffering, racism, and world building play in fantasy literature. The gnomes thought these essays were fascinating and recommend the collection for that reason alone.

This book provides a good introduction to the author’s work for new readers, but there is enough brand new content to interest even diehard fans.

Rating: 4 Gnomes out of 5

eyes.2c Reviews:

…a praiseworthy smorgasbord!

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