FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS is beautiful, plain and simple

Various odds and ends regarding award winner Nalo Hopkinson’s FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS.

The B&N SCI-FI & FANTASY BLOG includes FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS among it’s picks for August 2015.

The award-winning author of Midnight Robber and Brown Girl in the Ring returns with a collection of fantastical short fiction, assembling a decade’s worth of stories of magic and the supernatural intersecting with everyday life. From stories of the apocalypse to tales of unsettled spirits, Hopkinson finds the odds threads woven throughout our reality and picks at them, revealing a far stranger tapestry beneath.

FANGIRLNATION loves the book.

FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS is beautiful, plain and simple. If you want something that breaks through the stereotypes of Fantasy writing and want a fresh and often bizarre take on the world around us, this is the book to put on the top of your reading list.

Derek Newman-Stille at SPECULATING CANADA does the unusual and reviews two of the short stories from the collection in two separate articles.

“The Easthound”:

Hopkinson’s “The Easthound” mirrors the classic Star Trek episode “Miri” (Season 1, Episode 8) where a virus has spread on an Earth-like planet that turns people monstrously violent when they hit puberty. But, she takes thing further. Whereas the writers of “Miri” try to resolve these issues with a cure (followed by sending educators to the planet), “The Easthound” expresses the idea that there generally aren’t simple solutions to the violence that street children experience and adults are generally part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Hopkinson explores the complexity of street life and the complex ways that “growing up” has a different set of meanings for kids on the street. 

“Message in a Bottle”:

Hopkinson’s “Message in a Bottle” disrupts traditional ideas about aging  (and childhood) and explores the discomfort that adults feel when children act or talk like adults. 

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