YESTERDAY’S KIN is an enjoyable read

At Frank Michaels Errington’s Horrible Book Reviews, Errington praises Nancy Kress’ Nebula nominated YESTERDAY’S KIN.

But there is so much more to this multi-layered story.  I particularly liked the writer’s handling of the public’s reaction to the space travelers and their stated purpose.  In many ways it’s the same way we react to change in the 21st century.  I couldn’t help but think about how divided we are over the Affordable Healthcare Act and how much of a panic there was over the Ebola threat. Take that and multiply it to a global scale.


Overall, I found YESTERDAY’S KIN to be an enjoyable read.  True, not everything made perfect sense, but much of what I read for enjoyment makes no sense at all.  I can certainly suspend my disbelief long enough to allow for a few leaps in logic.


A quick comment on the cover art by Thomas Canty.  Eye-catching and a nice blending of the extra-terrestrial and DNA themes of the story.  This would make me pick up the book and at least see what it’s about.  Kudos.

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Cover by Thomas Canty.