Kameron Hurley’s APOCALYPSE NYX is loaded with lots of action, crass personalities, and diverse characters

Excitement mounts for Kameron Hurley’s APOCALYPSE NYX.

For LIBRARY JOURNAL, Kristi Chadwick praises the collection.

In these tales, survival is at the top of the to-do list. If that means having to put morals and feelings aside, Nyx is willing to cooperate, unsure of how much of her is still human anyway. The bleak, postapocalyptic desert depicted here sets the scene for lots of action, crass personalities, and diverse characters. VERDICT Series fans will savor original episodes featuring the battle-worn Nyx, which also serve as an introduction to new readers.

PAT’S FANTASY HOTLIST names the book as number one on their Provisional Speculative Fiction Top 5 of 2018.

Time flies and we’ve reached the halfway point of the year! Doesn’t look like 2018 is going to be a banner year for the genre, though. Here are the top 5 speculative fiction works published in 2018 I’ve read so far! =) Click on each title to read my review…

1- APOCALYPSE NYX by Kameron Hurley 

Kalanadi on YOUTUBE includes the title in Anticipated 2018 Releases | July/August/September (starting at about 4:21).

At GADGETS 360, Pranay Parab is looking forward to APOCALYPSE NYX.

Kameron Hurley is among the newer writers in the world of science fiction and we’ve previously featured her book The Stars Are Legion in this column. That one dealt with the travails of a group of people travelling in deep space and how they deal with their world being turned upside down.

APOCALYPSE NYX’s title alone tells us a lot about the book. The protagonist is called Nyx and is an ex-government assassin turned bounty-hunter. She lives on an apocalyptic world full of giant bugs, magicians, contaminated deserts, and where a centuries long war persists. This book is the story of Nyx and her crew of ragtag band of misfits, where every step takes them ever closer to a hellish future.

For more info on APOCALYPSE NYX, visit the Tachyon page.

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