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THE OVERNEATH is a collection of 13 stories, including two Schmendrick stories.  I was so excited to be allowed to review the Overneath because Schmendrick (and The Last Unicorn) was really the watershed book for me growing up and between Peter S. Beagle and Madeline L’Engle I turned into a ravenous bookworm and never got better.

I therefore expected the Schmendrick stories to be central for me in the collection with 11 bonus stories which I expected to like, but not be blown away by.  I am truly surprised that that wasn’t the case.  Oh, both of the stories are wonderful, and Schmendrick Alone has never been published elsewhere, but for me at least, they weren’t the standouts in this collection. 


This is as good as it gets. Peter S. Beagle is an amazingly generous gifted storyteller and we’re lucky that he has shared his stories with us.

Five stars


Holly Best at GIRL’S GUIDE TO SCI-FI cherishes SUMMERLONG.

SUMMERLONG, Beagle’s most recent and more accessible novel is perfection. Every word has purpose, each tangled detail sculpts the characters into being, each chapter reflects the complexity of life. There are few authors who can properly assimilate the world of myth and gods into present day fiction without the story becoming overwhelmingly supernatural. The unimaginative becomes real – that what modern civilization has lost is summoned forth in SUMMERLONG. 

A gem, something to be cherished, re-read and shared, Peter S. Beagle’s SUMMERLONG proudly sits on my book-shelf. 

Via Twitter, Jabberwocky Literary revealed the magnificent cover to the Czech edition of IN CALABRIA.


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