Golden Age great A. E. van Vogt was born 103 years ago

Born April 26, 1912, the popular and influential writer A. E. van Vogt began his long and illustrious career writing for “true confession” style pulps. Shortly after, he decided to pursue a career as a science fiction writer. Van Vogt’s first sci fi short “The Black Destroyer” appeared in the July 1939 issue of ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION. The story remained one of his most popular stories, often cited as a source for the film ALIEN. 

In a career that spanned five decades, van Vogt produced numerous legendary and acclaimed novels including SLAN, THE WEAPON MAKERS, THE WORLD OF NULL-A, THE VOYAGE OF THE SPACE BEAGLE, and THE WEAPON SHOPS OF ISHER. The first of his many short story collections, OUT OF THE UNIVERSE was published in 1948.

Tachyon was honored to publish FUTURES PAST, the last of his books to see print before the author’s death in 2000.

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Cover by Michael Dashow.