Meet the award-winning Jo Walton


Winner of the Campbell, World Fantasy, Hugo, Nebula, and James Tiptree Jr awards, Jo Walton is attending the 2018 Festival of Faith & Writing, April 12-14 in Grand Rapids, MI.


The Festival of Faith & Writing is a biennial celebration of literature and belief, both broadly construed. Drawing more than 2,000 people from across the world to Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Festival offers three days of lively lectures, readings, conversations, films, workshops, concerts, plays, and more, all fueled by coffee and good food. It’s a feast for readers, including those who also write.

Rooted in the Christian Reformed belief in common grace, the Festival of Faith & Writing creates space for meaningful discussion and shared discovery among people with different religious beliefs and practices. On the campus of Calvin College, we bring together diverse voices and perspectives in thoughtful reflection on the stories that we shape and that also shape us.


The author of 13 novels, three volumes of poetry, and an essay collection, Walton’s latest works include the new collection of fiction and poetry STARLINGS and NECESSITY, the final chapter to her Thessaly trilogy.

For more info on STARLINGS, visit the Tachyon page.

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