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Ellen Datlow (credit: THIS IS HORROR), Nalo Hopkinson (David Findlay), and Michael Swanwick (Beth Gwinn)


My favorites were: How We Escaped Our Certain Fate by Don Chaon, and the last 3 stories in the anthology. It was almost as though the best were saved for last, but the stories were arranged chronologically in order of year of publication. Datlow says of the stories included: “Consider them a guide to some of the best short story writers currently working in the field of horror fiction. And in this volume specifically, a good representation of the excellent horror that was published between 2005 and 2015.”

Overall, enough of the stories were satisfying for me to give the anthology a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

In her November 16 blog post for CELLAR DOOR BOOKS, Jill recommends FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS.

I keep waking up at 4:00 am, anxious about what is to come. My country, the one that has been led by a brilliant, thoughtful, progressive man for the last eight years, has determined it will set out in a new direction for the next four. I feel like someone very important to me has died and grief has been my shadow. But I believe in words, their power to teach, to heal, to remind, so I have two ideas for all of you who have come to the store, seeking some explanation. Solace? Perhaps simply company in your sadness.  

First, I’d like to
offer two books of healing: Nalo Hopkinson’s FALLING IN LOVE WITH
HOMINIDS and Heather Tucker’s THE CLAY GIRL.
Neither of these books offers, as one of my publishing reps put it, “cute cats.” Instead both books offer complex characters in difficult, painful situations who figure out how to retain their humanity despite the odds. We are returning to the house of the Dicks and we need some tools. I think these two books give hope in the face of great trial.  

Karen Cole at HAIR PAST A FRECKLE is enthralled by Michael Swanwick’s NOT SO MUCH SAID THE CAT.

This really is a smorgasbord of a short story collection taking the reader from the Mesozoic era, to Russia, Hell, far off planets, an alternative Europe and dystopian worlds controlled by non humans. It’s the perfect taster to Michael Swanwick’s writing, it enthralled me and kept me awake at night thinking and left me wanting to read more.

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