The mind-blowing FALLING IN LOVE WITH HOMINIDS is amazing

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Nalo Hopkinson recent reading at Cellar Door Books.


The explanations before each short are really neat! Nalo Hopkinson often lays out how she came about creating the following story and what inspired her, etc. It gave me a better appreciation and understanding for each short story. Even though the stories were strong as they were, the added explanation helped make their impact stronger!


Overall I enjoyed this anthology, even though I felt there were some stories that were a bit confusing to me, either with the flow of the story or the concept or what not. I wasn’t disappointed though! The title is a good indication of the content of the anthology. The word Hominid instead of another similar word, makes me think of humanoid creatures, so people who aren’t really human but appear to be. Which a lot of the stories are more or less about, people who aren’t entirely Human or normative. Sneaky sneaky!! But smart. Like I said, this book is about finding ways to feel for a variety of living beings who are, “same same but different“.

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Well, Nalo Hopkinson’s latest book, a short story collection called Falling in Love with Hominids, has managed to surpass even my insanely high expectations. It is simply an amazing, mind-blowing, I-can’t-think-of-enough-superlative-adjectives-to-describe-it kind of book. As the blurb by Junot Diaz on the cover says, Hopkinson is a “writer with an imagination that most of us would kill for.” Time and again, the twists and turns in these stories will leave you in shock, awe, and with a trippy, WTF kind of feeling that will probably remind you of being stoned.


Aside from all that incredible content, what you should also know is Hopkinson’s writing is gorgeous, and the stories are populated by an ethnically diverse cast and plenty of queer characters (men and women). You can especially look forward to black and indigenous characters, a gay dad, and a bit of a love triangle between queer women.

What are you waiting for? I dont know if you’ll be in love with all hominids, but I bet you’ll be in love with a certain one by the time you’re done reading this book.

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