THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT is an unique gathering of truly memorable tales


The reviews for keep rolling in for the “relevant and insightful” THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT.

From Fresh Fiction for Today’s Reader:

With more than ten short stories, and four essays giving an insight into the author’s logic, this compendium contains many different themes on fantasy and alternative worlds. From a young girl wanting to escape an arranged marriage by following a witch through a stone portal, to two princesses willing to do the unthinkable to protect their heritage and their Goddess, there really is something for everyone.


Elliott’s many readers, as well as fantasy fans in search of powerful stories featuring well-drawn female characters, will revel in this unique gathering of truly memorable tales.

Her Story Arc:

If you’ve never read Elliott before this collection is a great place to start. There are stories here touching on almost all of her fictional worlds, which will help you figure out where to read next (believe me, you’ll want to). I loved returning to the Jaran universe, a science fiction setting with many layers including the presence of theatre artists traveling the galaxies to perform for both humans and alien species. This collection’s “My Voice Is In My Sword” involves a production of Macbeth being performed for empathic aliens as the theatre troupe deals with the ego of its leading player. While a particular treat for anyone like myself who loves theatre, I think anyone who appreciates well-written character dynamics will enjoy the piece.


The final 4 pieces are essays previously published online, in which Elliot gracefully questions some of the all-too-common trends in speculative fiction. Placed alongside her own stories of powerful, diverse women, they take the collection beyond one which makes you both laugh and cry to a work that is also relevant and insightful.

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