WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE delivers a darkly imaginative tale


A pair of new reviews for Daryl Gregory’s “original and fresh”
We Are All Completely Fine.

Drunken Dragon Reviews:

If you like your fiction dark, with a steaming side of horror and a rich flavor that makes you savor every bite, then you can’t do much better than this. A haunting tale told over the span of weeks, Daryl Gregory effortlessly presents a cast of strange, unique individuals, each as unforgettable as the last, all told in an absorbing, vivid, rich voice that will bind you to his tale and trap you for hours until the last page is turned.


A darkly imaginative tale that plays with genre standards and gives every story you’ve ever loved a dark, terrible twist. Gregory plays a lot with ordinary story arcs, even teasing at times that this is how it should be, but in his tale it will be anything but what they normally are. With a rich depth that makes for absorbing reading, fascinating twists as each character reveals their stories, each more terrible than the last, and a careful use of mystery, it’s going to be hard to not read this in one go if you decide to read it. Which I definitely recommend.

Hunger For Knowledge:

But what I eventually got was an original and fresh world building, very much agonizing and dark at that. Every character had an fascinating story to tell, each one coming across as an exceptional individual. As much as I learned about them, I was left wanting more.


I find We Are Completely Fine being a tough cookie to label as it is not horror, it is not even a thriller, but maybe something as interesting fiction with a touch of fantasy, paranormal and supernatural would describe it the best for me.

Nevertheless, this was such a positive surprise, almost charming, one could say.

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