LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG is definitely worth having on your shelves

A trio of reviews for the eclectic LED ASTRAY: THE BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG.


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Ms. Armstrong is one of my favorite authors. I love the Otherworld series & read some of her other works. She builds characters & worlds, pulling you in with each sentence. Ms. Armstrong’s characters are complete, and you get to know they type of person she is creating in them. The worlds different from what we live in and she provides you with the details so you can see that.

Rakshashi is an interesting tale of a woman who must complete assignments to correct the errors she made in her own life. She has been doing this for over 200 yrs., without being released. If she is released then her master’s family will have to find another way to get income to support themselves.

Kat tells you about a young woman who was tested on before she was taken away from it all. She was taught how to survive, but is on the run … is it because of the vampire who raised her or because those testing her want her back?

A Haunted House of Her Own is an interesting tale of a couple who are wanting to open a Haunted Bed & Breakfast. But is the house they are buying really haunted or is it just nerves spooking them?

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I like Kelley Armstrong ever since I read Bitten when it first came out many moons ago. While I haven’t read Cainsville or the Darkest power books I knew this anthology would be the perfect place for me to get a quick taste. I will say this an eclectic collection, but it also gave me a bit more appreciation for Armstrong because of it. Like all anthologies there are some great stories and some less than great stories, but I didn’t skip a single one. Sometimes I do, so that says something. I do want to read more stories involving a lot of the characters I just met. However this now means my To Be Read pile is about to get a little larger.

Reviews of every story

Buy or Borrow: Buy. Or at least pick it up from the library and give it a go. While some of the stories are a little too simplistic for me as I think they rely on the reader having met the characters or worlds described, I thought overall this was a great Anthology. If you are a Kelley Armstrong fan it is definitely worth having on your selves. 


3 out of 4 happy bibliosnark bookmarks

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Rating: 4 stars

A collection of twenty-three short stories set in the paranormal worlds Kelley Armstrong has created. An eclectic mix, with urban fantasy series, ghost stories, some horror, it’s also a mixed bag in terms of quality. Some of the stories were amazing, and memorable, but others were a bit so-so. 

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