Kameron Hurley’s APOCALYPSE NYX is a world you’ll want to return to again and again

In LOCUS (October 2018), Adrienne Martini praises APOCALYPSE NYX.

Kameron Hurley’s APOCALYPSE NYX isn’t a
stand-alone novel in her God’s War serise, AKA
the Bel Dame Apocrypha series, depending on
which internet oracle you ask. And I had to ask,
because the world Hurley illustrates in the five
works of short fiction collected in APOCALYPSE NYX. is a world I want to return to again and again. 

Those already familiar with Nyx and crew should
enjoy these delightfully grimy and sweaty slices of
their world. The newbies will have titles to add to
their reading lists.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY lauds Hurley’s The Light Brigade with a *starred* review.

Hugo winner Hurley’s second futuristic novel (after The Stars Are Legion) is a smart, brutal, and structurally sophisticated military science fiction tale with a time travel twist.

Like Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War, this book is both a gripping story of future warfare and an incisive antiwar fable. Readers will savor this striking novel’s ambitious structure and critique of rapacious, militarized capitalism.

According to LOCUS, Hurley’s Las estrellas son legión [The Stars Are Legion] won the prestigious Spanish Ignotus Award for Foreign Novel.

For more info on APOCALYPSE NYX, visit the Tachyon page.

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