CENTRAL STATION is contemporary science fiction at its best

At THE LOWDOWN, Indrapramit Das named Lavie Tidhar’s CENTRAL STATION as one of the top five novels of the year.

Lavie Tidhar’s mosaic novel CENTRAL STATION imagines an interplanetary spaceport in the heart of future Tel Aviv, and weaves an exquisite tapestry out of a handful of lives playing out among the cultural accretion of centuries underneath the shadow of the hulking port. Contemporary science-fiction at its best—poetic, philosophical, and wondrously imaginative.

Photo: Kevin Nixon. © Future Publishing 2013


When I review this book (possibly not before the new year), my comments will appear in the thought stream below.


A fiction world of nemonymity and self, where fiction is stronger than reality? and another connection… “No one had produced robots for a very long time. They were a missing link, an awkward evolutionary step between human and Other.”

I am positively entrammelled, and will take this book slowly.

Texture and feel, so far, a bit like on of my favorite writers, Salman Rushdie. Don’t rush to die…

For more info about CENTRAL STATION, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Sarah Anne Langton