WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is a terrifying, revealing work


A pair of reviews for Daryl Gregory’s “artfully crafted” We Are All Completely Fine.

From Intellectus Speculativus:

The best horror is the creeping kind that builds, slowly; the kind where the characters can’t see what’s coming and the audience can just about see it, ever so slightly out of focus. Daryl Gregory, in We Are All Completely Fine, has written horror which works in exactly that mode…

This isn’t a long book, but for most of its pagecount, Gregory is simply wracking up the tension, slowly, and focusing the camera ever more for the readers. That isn’t to say We Are All Completely Fine is a dull book; the dual tracks of revelation, the misdirection of our attention with the focus of the novel, and indeed the ways in which Gregory ratchets up the tension are all powerfully used.


We Are All Completely Fine isn’t your typical psychological horror novel, nor your typical Lovecraftian one; instead, Gregory looks at what happens next, and does so brilliantly. A really great piece of terrifying, revealing work.

Hub Pages:

Daryl Gregory’s “We Are All Completely Fine” is a dark, liquid web that keeps you entangled in the story and characters. Even when you pull away the spider catches you and brings you back. This book is truely hard to put down.

Not only is the book seductive but it packs a powerful psychological punch. Each character has their own crazy story that would leave any rational person in disbelief, yet reveals the monsters within us in a way that is artfully crafted.

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