The highly recommended WICKED WONDERS offers a little something for everyone

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At READ WELL, Suncerae Smith enjoys their introduction to Ellen Klages with the forthcoming WICKED WONDERS.

Ellen Klages’ short fiction has won several awards, including a Nebula, as well being short-listed for Hugo, Nebula, and John. W. Campbell awards, but her work is new to me. WICKED WONDERS is a short-story collection of lyrical fantasy tales (mostly) starring young girls and childhood itself. With elements of historical and modern fantasy, and science fiction, there’s a little something for everyone in this collection.

Klages’ stories are lovely, strange, and sad things. Some are quite funny, most are clever, and they are all cultivated by these beautiful details that capture a mood of magic. Beware: These stories will evoke memories of your own childhood, or at least garner nostalgia for a childhood dream. Most of these are slow to start, but they stick with you for days. The collection concludes with author story notes, which in the least offer a fun insight, but some of which also provide a greater appreciation.


Highly recommended as a subtle feminist collection. If you enjoy strong or subversive female protagonists in speculative fiction, this collection is for you!

Hugo Award-winning author of ALL THE BIRDS IN THE
SKY, Charlie Jane Anders has this to say about the collection.

Every time you think you know where an Ellen Klages story is going, she pulls another fast one. WICKED WONDERS is fancy in every sense of the word.

Jenny Blackford,
author of DUTIES TO MY CAT and THE PRINCESS AND THE SLAVE praises the book.

Smart, often funny, and satisfyingly strange, these wicked stories will delight.

For more info on WICKED WONDERS, visit the Tachyon page.

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