HOLLOW WORLD is an “interesting story with some thought-provoking moments”


Jessica Strider at Sci-Fi Fan Letter delivers a lengthy review of Michael J. Sullivan’s Hollow World.

I enjoyed his look at the future.  It’s quite unique, and allowed him to examine several aspects of modern day society.  And for those of you who like questions of gender… without spoiling anything, his future has some surprises.
The pacing is uneven.  Chapters full of character interactions and learning about life in Hollow World are suddenly interrupted when the mystery reappears.  I sometimes had trouble transitioning from the laid back enjoyment of the former scenes to the intensity of the latter.  It’s surprisingly easy at times, with all that’s going on, to forget the mystery is even there. 
The book comes to a pretty tense climax.  Everything focuses and the pacing evens out for the final chapters. 
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