Jane Yolen’s THE EMERALD CIRCUS has the potential to be a treasured friend


THE LITTLE RED REVIEWER praises Jane Yolen’s forthcoming collection THE EMERALD CIRCUS.

THE EMERALD CIRCUS showcases Yolen’s  range of talents in re-imagining classic stories and fairy tales, and how being exposed to classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Arthurian legends, and the works of Hans Christian Andersen, Emily Dickinson, and Edgar Allen Poe shaped the lifelong joy she finds in storytelling through prose and poetry.  If you are a fan of poetry, the story notes and poems section at the end will be your favorite area, as the vast majority of the poems showcased are new to this volume.  Long time fans of Yolen’s work will see many familiar friends in the Table of Contents, as a number of these stories were previously published in other anthologies over the years. The gem of the table of contents most certainly is “Sister Emily’s Lightship”,  which means a whole new generation of readers will get to enjoy this famous award winning short story.


THE EMERALD CIRCUS is a great starting point for readers new to Yolen’s work, and it has the potential be a treasured friend for those of you who have been reading Yolen for decades.


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Judith Rosen at PUBLISHERS WEEKLY declares the collection as one of The Big Indie Books of Fall 2017.

Yolen’s first full adult collection in a dozen years brings together new and previously uncollected stories. They include the story of a Scottish academic who unearths ancient evil in a fishing village and one of Emily Dickinson sailing away in a starship made of light. Introduction by Holly Black.

In FANTASY LITERATURE Sunday Status Update: August 27, 2017, Tadiana Jones is excited about the book.

The Emerald Circus, an excellent collection of short fiction by Jane Yolen (I’m kind of a sucker for anything fairy tale-inspired)

For more info on THE EMERALD CIRCUS, visit the Tachyon page.

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