WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE features creepy paranormal elements and wonderful writing


Kat Stark at Not Yet Read provides an entertaining review of Daryl Gregory’s We Are All Completely Fine.

We Are All Completely Fine was a really weird story…so here comes a weird unconventional review


Dr. Sayer: Do you want to share with the group today?

Hi, I’m Stan. I’m pretty famous for not having limbs due to surviving an attack from cannibals who ate all my friends.

I’m Barbara over here. I survived an attack from a serial killer who uses his victim’s bones to create art masterpieces.

Martin. I refuse to take off my sunglasses.

Dr. Sayer: Are you going to tell us about yourself?

Martin: No. But I can talk about these videogame sunglasses.

Dr. Sayer: That’s okay, Harrison want to go next?


Their backstories and characterization slowly transform throughout the novella with some creepy paranormal elements and wonderful writing added…makes an interesting tale that’s for sure.

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