SUPER STORIES OF HEROES & VILLAINS editor Claude Lalumière interviewed at SF Signal

Though the Keith Brooke interview with Claude Lalumière primarily focuses on his new story collection Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes, it didn’t stop the discussion from veering into other topics such as Super Stories of Heroes & Villains.

KB: Tell us about some of your favourite finds – those stories you’re thrilled to have anthologized.

CL: Well, I hate to play favourites. But I will point to two stories that had special meaning for me. In Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic, I published the final work by my dear friend Martin Last, who died three years later. Martin was a man who had led a rich life and befriending him and his lifetime companion Baird Last (who died a few years before Martin wrote this story) changed my life for the better in many ways. For Super Stories of Heroes & Villains, I convinced George R.R. Martin – although he was sceptical at first that it would work – to let me use his interstitial material from the first Wild Cards volume to form a unified mosaic story sketching the secret history of the Wild Cards universe. This material had never appeared in quite that form before, and I love the results. People have told me it’s one of their favourite stories in the book.

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Super Stories of Heroes & Villainscover by Elizabeth Story.

Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes cover by Marc Tessier.