Peter Watts’ enthralling THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION is one of this summer’s best books

Excitement mounts for Peter Watts’ forthcoming THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY declares the book as one of the summer’s best reads.

Charged with building interstellar wormhole gates for 66 million years, the human crew of the construction ship Eriophora has lots of time to ponder issues of purpose. After the ship is damaged and crew members go missing, a loyal worker and the ship’s AI work together and at cross-purposes to figure out what’s going on. Watts combines mystery, futuristic technology, and philosophical questions to keep readers enthralled.

TOE SIX PRESS recommends the work.

This is the kind of story that just grabs you from the start and – even if you aren’t particularly interested in black holes or the mechanics of space travel – the story hurtles at a breakneck speed. It flies. It’s wild and crazy and fun and I was irritable with anything that interfered with reading this book.

And it’s also the most compelling reason I know of to never buy an Alexa or any other kind of AI device. Beware the future; what man makes may be his undoing. The crew of the Eriophora is about to find out if they can outsmart the Chimp, but to do so they’ll have to outsmart the humans who created the Chimp in the first place.

Highly recommended.

Leticia Lara on the Spanish language site FANTÁSTICA –

Peter Watts is a complex writer, who does not give facilities to the reader, but who sometimes compensates for the effort we have to make to enter into his work with flashes of genius.

I started THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION with great enthusiasm and I have to confess that when I was finishing it during a solitary dinner, I was not able to take my eyes off the screen until I finished it. I was not afraid that the restaurant employees would pick me up just right with the remains of the broom food, because I did not even notice the passage of time. Up to that level of fascination and self-absorption the story took me.


THE FREEZE-FRAME REVOLUTION is such an interesting novel that I can hardly wait for you to read it in order to comment on it in depth without falling into the spoiler. I hope it will soon fall into your hands.

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Cover by Elizabeth Story