We’re giving away the movie tie-in edition of Joe R. Lansdale’s classic Texas noir COLD IN JULY


With the aide of the fine folks at Goodreads, we’re giving away an advanced reader’s copy (ARC) of the movie tie-in edition of Joe R. Lansdale’s classic Texas noir Cold in July.

A shocking crime mystery to chill the even the warmest summer’s night, this gritty Texan thriller inspired the 2014 major motion picture Cold in July, featuring Michael C. Hall (Dexter) Sam Shepard (Black Hawk Down), and Don Johnson (Miami Vice).

Richard Dane has killed a man. Everyone in the small town of LaBorde, Texas knows Dane acted in self defense — everyone except Ben Russel, the father of the criminal who invaded Dane’s home.

When Russel comes looking for revenge against Dane’s family, the two fathers are unexpectedly drawn into a conspiracy that conceals the vilest of crimes. Surrounded by police corruption, mafia deception, and underworld brutality, Dane, Russel, and eccentric PI Jim Bob Luke have discovered a game they may not survive.

Complete with an introduction from the movie’s director Jim Mickle and a new afterword by the author.

“Reading Cold in July is like riding a rocket. As you roar off into Lansdale’s disturbing vision of the world, it bucks and turns under you, constantly swerving in unexpected directions. And you’d better not plan on doing anything else until the ride is over.
—Lewis Shiner

Cold in July is more than a novel of detection; it is an odyssey into the dark recesses of the human psyche and those who follow it cannot come away unchanged.”
—Loren D. Estleman

“I can’t think of a more remarkable suspense novel in the past few years. Cold in July has it all — a story you haven’t read before, characters who linger in the mind, and surprise piled on surprise. This is the kind of book other writers talk about enviously.”
—Ed Gorman

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