Meet the amazing Michael Swanwick


Photo: Beth Gwynn

On Tuesday, May 2 7PM, Michael Swanwick along with his SERIAL BOX cohorts Matthew Cody, Joel Derfner, Max Gladstone, Ellen Kushner, and Lindsay Smith are participating in the NEW YORK REVIEW OF
at the Brooklyn Commons, Brooklyn NY.


A Serial Box Variety Pack featuring Matthew Cody, Joel Derfner, Max Gladstone, Ellen Kushner, Lindsay Smith, Michael Swanwick. Come meet the writers bringing genre to the forefront of digital publishing! Serial Box is a publisher of serialized fiction in text and audio with currently five ongoing series. As with television, their serials are collaboratively written by author teams. Representatives from several of these “Writers’ Rooms” will join us to read from their projects. With stories touching upon Urban Fantasy, Mannerpunk, Magical Espionage, and Young Adult Science Fiction, the evening will be a diverse showcase of one of today’s most exciting publishing platforms.

$7 suggested donation


For more information on NOT SO MUCH, SAID THE CAT, visit the Tachyon page.

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