Masterful storytelling takes hold in Michael J. Sullivan’s HOLLOW WORLD


Literary Escapism lavishes praise upon Michael J. Sullivan’s Hollow World.

Masterful storytelling takes hold in Hollow Worldby Michael J. Sullivan. In Hollow World, we learn that Sullivan can weave a story no matter the time period as he effortlessly brings us into modern-day suburban Detroit and two thousand years into the future. With intrigue and suspense, Sullivan shows a story that is both foreign and familiar as any good science fiction novel does. Hands down, this is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.


One of the highlights of Sullivan’s writing is his ability to create a fully realized world. This was especially true in Hollow World, the strange version of Earth in two thousand years. People have become androgynous beings which have illness removed from their DNA. The world is divided between above and below ground. These themes were eloquently shown and there were so many beautiful details it was hard to choose just a few. I especially liked how Hollow World revered the professions of Meteorologist and Artist highly. Each was for a different reason but it showed how science and art can live in harmony.

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