Peter S. Beagle’s THE OVERNEATH will enchant any reader who still believes in magic

More enthusiasm surrounding Peter S. Beagle’s forthcoming THE OVERNEATH.


In a starred review, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY praises the collection.

With sharp, lean elegance, Beagle (IN CALABRIA) effortlessly chronicles the lives of unicorns, trolls, magicians, and adventurers in 13 poignant stories, many of which caution readers about magic gone awry and temperamental creatures.


This enchanting collection employs simple humor and affectionate sarcasm and will enchant any reader who still believes in magic. 

Matt Hlinak at POP MYTHOLOGY lauds the stories and the author.

Still going strong at age 78, Peter S. Beagle’s version of fantasy is a whimsical one, though he never descends into farce. He takes his characters seriously, even if the reader cannot help but chuckle at their misadventures. Beagle’s charms have not worn off.


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enjoys book.


This is only my second time reading this author. I’ve clearly been missing out.

I loved this collection of stories. Every story was well-written, compelling and just fantastic. I liked the fact that no two stories were the same, they’re all different even if some of the themes and ideas are the same.

For more info on THE OVERNEATH, visit the Tachyon page.

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