Jim Mickle is ready to unleash his adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale’s bristly thriller COLD IN JULY

As part of The Hollywood Reporter coverage of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, Matt Patches profiles Cold In July, director Jim Mickle’s film adaptation of the Joe R. Lansdale novel.

Mickle’s Mission for Cold in July: Hearing Mickle describe his latest film, his enthusiasm stems from swinging his stylistic pendulum in a completely opposite direction. “If We Are was a feminist horror story, this is a look at masculinity, being a contemporary man and what that means. [It’s] dominated by dude themes. But pacing-wise it’s totally different – it starts with a bang and moves quickly. It was fun to come to something like this after coming from something so precise.”

(Michael C. Hall in a scene from Cold in July)

This July in commemoration of the movie’s general release, Tachyon delivers the official movie tie-in edition of the original novel, complete with an introduction by director Jim Mickle and an afterword by Joe R. Lansdale, his ownself.

For more info on the book Cold In July, visit the Tachyon page.