Meet Lavie Tidhar and Charlie Jane Anders at Melon HK Sci-Fi Conference

Lavie Tidhar and Charlie Jane Anders are among the featured speakers for the Melon HK Sci-Fi Conference.

Melon HK is one of the rising stars in the world of science fiction. Taking place in Hong Kong, the annual Melon Conference brings together award-winning and emerging science fiction writers, filmmakers and industry professionals from both China and the West, as well as the Sci-Fi community to share, brainstorm and be inspired.

The event is held over two days.

Industry Day – 19th April 2017

Melon HK brings together creative talent and industry professionals to discuss digital disruption and new business models impacting science fiction writers and the media industry.

Fans Day – 20th April 2017

Join hundreds of fans and industry insiders to talk about the next generation of Science Fiction.

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