Legendary W. P. Kinsella feels MLB was “very very wrong” to deny Shoeless Joe Jackson reinstatement

On a THE THROWBACK podcast interview with Eric Greenberg, W. P. Kinsella, who famously crafted the ultimate Shoeless Joe Jackson tale in iconic baseball novel SHOELESS JOE, discusses the Major League Baseball’s ruling on the possible reinstatement of the banned-for-life player.

It’s sort of typical of what baseball is doing these days in all respects. They’re just not up to the task of running good leagues with good products,” he said. “God, If you were going to keep guys out of the hall of fame who had done a lot of bad bad things, Ruth and Ty Cobb and all sorts of others would not be there.” The author believes most baseball fans share his point of view. “I would think a really huge majority of people are in favor of him being reinstated and made eligible for the Hall of Fame, Kinsella continued. “I think they’re going against the wishes of most baseball fans who know about the situation

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