The breathtaking CENTRAL STATION is a must read

On his eponymous site, Uffe Stegmann praises Lavie Tidhar’s vivid CENTRAL STATION.

Here we have another contender for best SF of 2016.


The book is a mosaic novel. Most of the chapters were published as short stories in a slightly different form. Thus each chapter can stand alone as a finished story. But by putting these stories together as a novel, we get a vivid picture of a culture – a much greater and more comprehensive picture than just a single story would have given us.

Lavie Tidhar has written a breathtaking book. The prose is so rich and splendid and at the same time so tightly written that the book has no unnecessary filler at all.

For long time SF readers we get many nods to earlier giants and stories in the field: SHAMBLEAU by C.L.
Moore, Louis Wu in RINGWORLD by Larry Niven and Cordwainer Smith’s

Lavie Tidhar is an author to be watched – and CENTRAL STATION is a must read and a very strong contender, when award season comes around.

Photo: Kevin Nixon. © Future Publishing 2013

Wild Read Book Club of Minneapolis’ Moon Palace Books selected the novel as their February selection.

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Join us Sunday, February 19th at 2pm for a discussion of Central Station by Lavie Tidhar.

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For more info about CENTRAL STATION, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Sarah Anne Langton